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Turkey - Economic overview

Contents extracted from the comprehensive atlas of international trade by Export Entreprises

General economic indicators

GDP (billions USD)731775788822851
GDP (annual % change, constant prices)99243
GDP per capita10.0210.4810.5310.7411.01
General government balance-3-3-3-4-4
Inflation rate96986
Current account (billions USD)-45-75-48-61-62
Current account (annual % change)-6-1-6-7-7
Unemployment rate121999


Value added (annual % change)4264-
Value added (in % of GDP)9199-
Value added (in % of total employment)23242424-


Value added (annual % change)-91412-
Value added (in % of GDP)26272827-
Value added (in % of total employment)25262726-


Value added (annual % change)-3783-
Value added (in % of GDP)65636364-
Value added (in % of total employment)525495-

Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate22222

Foreign trade in figures

Imports of goods140.93185.54240.84236.54251.65
Exports of goods102.14113.88134.91152.47151.81
Imports of services15.5418.1619.4219.2922.27
Exports of services32.6334.5238.4740.6243.71
Imports of goods and services (annual % change)-142111-
Growth rate of exports of goods and services (in %)-53817-
Trade Balance-24.77-56.32-89.04-65.24-
Current account-14.41-
Share of foreign trade in GDP48485758-
Share of imports of goods and services in GDP24273332-
Share of exports of goods and services in GDP23212426-

Exchanged goods

FDI in figures

FDI inward flow19.768.6639.03616.04712.419
FDI stock80.383143.736186.98140.017181.066
Performance Index*, ranking on 141 economies50/18168/18174/18188/181
Potential Index**, ranking on 141 economies76/141--7/177
Number of Greenfield investments***64631037175
FDI (in % of GFCF****)148718
FDI (in % of GDP)1123261823
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william chesibe ngwa  |  July 20, 2013
AM PREPARING TO EXPORT PALM KENEL SHELLS TO TURKY.....but still doing some field work to know how much of it we can get and at what price to be able to sustain business.